Rise of SAS in India

To be a part of the data analytics industry, it is helpful to know about base SAS. Here SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System. Base SAS certification is a certification meant for beginners in the field of SAS programming. Software products in SAS cover almost every aspect of business administration.

Base SAS

Using the typical SAS, it is possible to write reports and create different kinds of graphics. Through research and project management software one can create marketing strategies. Tools for quick and efficient data entry are also available. The system includes components which can help in various departmental functions such as information systems support and HR management.

There is tremendous scope for jobs in SAS within India and abroad. Demand for professionals who know SAS is pretty high. Salaries in the business analytics field are also good. Therefore it can easily be said that the future is bright.

As a fresher in the industry, it is vital to gain experience in any role within an IT company. Slowly it may be possible to move into the analytics or BI divisions. Demand for SAS programmers is mostly on the experienced front. Today there is a shortage of trained analytics professionals in the industry, and this can be overcome by experienced SAS programmers.

As declared by worldwide rankings, India ranks 3rd behind the US and China in terms of number of skilled professionals with analytical skills. Still India has emerged as a global hub for analytics, for the reason that there are several English-speaking analytical programmers here.

Today there is a lot of flexibility in the way SAS courses are taught. The courses are affordable and can be worked around a probable work schedule. These courses are also job-role focused, as per specific departments in an organisation. Based on one’s specialisation area, the appropriate course can be chosen.

SAS certification is not at one level but several levels. The first one among these is base SAS. It is a starting point for entering the wide field of SAS programming.

So if you want to enter the analytics domain, please enrol for base SAS training.


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