Robotics and embedded systems made easy with the 8051 microcontroller

Designing in embedded systems can be achieved with the help of microcontrollers. Among the most popular ones is the 8051 microcontroller, which is commonly found in robotics. This tiny chip came for the first time during the 1980s, and is being used in robotics ever since. If one wishes to work with embedded systems, it will be a good idea to understand its working through an 8051 Microcontroller Training program.

Microcontrollers are meant for embedded applications, and in comparison to this microprocessors are fitted in personal computers and general applications. 8051 microcontroller has support for security systems, scroll message displays, remote control applications and robotics. Training emphasis is first given to the theoretical concepts, starting from basics of the microcontroller and the project then includes live industry scenarios.


Topics taught in training  

Here is a list of topics which help the students know more about the subject:

  • In-depth knowledge of embedded systems, which includes its needs and classifications
  • Differentiating between microprocessor and microcontroller
  • Understanding the different 8051 architectures along with the addressing modes
  • Knowledge about register and memory of AT89C51
  • An understanding of the different sensor categories

Industry application of microcontrollers

You will be surprised to hear that one of the industries to make extensive use of the 8051 microcontroller is the automotive industry. As the demand for automobiles in the world rises, the requirement for trained microcontroller designers also rise. For all those students who wonder about job prospects, this is one of the industries to enter. To top it all, if you love component functioning of automobiles, then work will become fun for you.

A microcontroller is at the centre of every automobile today. It controls several operations, from the amount of fuel that is released into every combustion chamber to actual fuel efficiency figures. It is quite literally the brain behind any vehicle. Gone are the days of the carburettor, as vehicles now have MPFI (Multi Point Fuel Injection).

Clearly when you get into the big wide world of 8051 microcontroller, you realise that there are a world of opportunities available. Know more about these opportunities through Microcontroller Training in Noida.


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