SAP ABAP Training available in Delhi/NCR

SAP ABAP is an enterprise programming language that is used to maintain the business systems of organizations. It is an advanced level programming language developed by SAP and nowadays using by developed organizations over the world.

SAP ABAP Training is important

Most of the SAP ABAP courses available online which one can be learned and understand but, this process will take more time and some topics that are unable to understand without practical training. The training module of SAP ABAP is available online in the cost thousands of dollars. In this blog, we have elaborate the types of SAP ABAP Training program and their benefits that is helpful to you to select an organization for SAP ABAP Training in Noida according to your needs.

Types of SAP ABAP programs

ABAP program is an executable division or an archive program in the category of latest programming languages. It is also helpful in the manner of delivers reusable code to new programs and it is not individually executable.

ABAP decides two types of executable programs:


Reports monitor a reasonably humble programming model wherever by a user optionally arrives a set of restrictions (e.g., a collection over a subset of data) and the program that uses the feedback limitations to create a report in the form of a cooperative list. The term “report” can be slightly confusing in that reports can also be used to modify data; the main purpose why these programs are known as reports is the “list-oriented” methods of the output they produce.


Module Pools

Module pools explain more composite outlines of user collaboration using a group of displays. The word “display” tends to the genuine, physical pictures that the user can see. Every display also has a “current judgment”, which tends to the ABAP code indirectly raised by the images, which is distributed into two reading method i.e. “PBO” (Process Before Output) and “PAI” (Process After Input) section. In SAP records the term “dynpro” (dynamic program) tends to the grouping of the image and its flow judgments.

The non-executable program types SAP ABAP are:

  • INCLUDE modules
  • Subroutine pools
  • Function groups
  • Object classes
  • Interfaces
  • Type pools

ABAP programs are the composition of individual statements. ABAP keyword is known as the first word in a statement. Every statement finishes with a period. Words must always be detached by minimum one blank. Statements can be scooped according to the user.

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