SAP Analytics Cloud A Complete Guide

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  • SAP Analytics Cloud helps professionals in supporting businesses with advanced analytics and customized dashboards.
  • Multinational companies use SAP Analytics Cloud for collaborative planning, comprehensive distribution, and predictive analytics.
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Training helps us in integrating data with SAP or Non – SAP Data Sources.

German multinational software corporation SAP SE introduced SAP Analytics Cloud to help the enterprises in delivering insights with self-service analytics and business intelligence features. Designed to support advanced analytics, this software solution combines BI, augmented and predictive analytics, and planning capabilities into one cloud environment. With the use of this analytics product, companies create operational plans in one solution and drive better decisions with integrated plans. Go for this SAP Analytics Cloud Training if you want to understand the role of SAP Analytics Cloud in SAP Cloud Portfolio, learn how to define users and teams, define roles and security, create Planning Data Dashboards in SAC, integrate data with SAP or Non – SAP Data Sources, simplify Predictive with Smart Predict, and create presentations with SAP Analytics cloud digital boardroom.

Key capabilities provided by SAP Cloud for Analytics includes −

  • Augmented Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Modeling
  • Planning
  • Smart Transformation

SAP Analytics Cloud – System Requirements 

SAP Analytics Cloud is a web-based tool on the HANA platform for Business Intelligence, planning, and digital broad room. To access this tool, you need to have an internet connection and some system requirements.


This is practical hands-on training which is designed for Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Reporting Engineers, Power Users, SAP BW Consultants, Power Users, SAP BO Consultants, SAP HANA Consultants, SAP BO Consultants, SAP HANA Consultants, and SAP BW Consultants.

  • It promotes business performance by fact-based decision making
  • It simplifies financial planning and analysis in the organization
  • It delivers accurate and consistent insights that are accessible in the cloud
  • It introduces faster ROI and higher value from existing investments
  • It introduces easy communication within Analytics Cloud
  • It helps in replying and managing comments to visualizations
  • It makes the use of data with the integrated organizational planning features
  • It gives effective use of analytics across devices and applications
  • It is designed to manage enterprise-level IoT data
  • It integrates existing business apps to help the company with more data availability
  • It can create and enrich visualizations with insights from Big Data discovery
  • It uncovers the intelligence required to take business decisions

SAP Analytics Cloud consolidates business intelligence, gives predictive capabilities, and enables organizations in enhanced decision-making. This powerful analytics platform is scalable, robust, and secure. Thousands of companies use it to combine analytics and planning in a single solution. It is featured with high-end design tools that help organizations by facilitating visualization, better understanding, and sharing BI content. As it offers customized dashboards, certified professionals can directly deliver data to the correct person’s Launchpad.



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