SAP EHS covers 10 key areas of organizational safety and management

SAP EHS is globally acknowledged software solution that aims in managing industrial hygiene, employee health and safety, products and services. This software solution enables the enterprises to be legally compliant, lower risks, decrease costs, and the integration of safety. Hence, it is an all-inclusive solution for the health, and safety of the overall organization. SAP-EHS module training establishes compliance management, incident management, and health-safety management in the organizations. It monitors industrial hygiene and reduces environmental impact. Hence, it establishes a unified approach for EHS risk assessment and updates organizational processes with regulatory changes.

It deals with health-safety management

SAP environment health and safety discusses various risk analysis methods, tracks employees’ health issues, establishes combined approaches for EHS risk assessment, discusses hygiene monitoring, discusses vendor safety management, and teaches the methods of managing chemicals effectively.

It deals with incident management 

As this software solution is blessed with prebuilt data, it can access data from other SAP software and improves visibility of EHS risks with real-time analytics. SAP-EHS uses workflow-enabled processes for tracking incidents and enables the companies to enjoy automated global reporting.

It deals with compliance management

This software solution establishes consistent compliance workflows, assigns legal requirements, provides central legal registry with integration to external content providers, and updates the organizational processes with regulatory changes.

It deals with employee safety management

SAP-EHS introduces asset management, integrates risk management, pulls risk information into work orders, and provides standard icons and clear instructions on job cards.

It deals with hazardous substance management

This software solution includes the entire set of activities that are required to be carried out for effective dealing of dangerous goods. Earn SAP-EHS training to ensure a proper hazard management in your organization.

It deals with dangerous goods management and product safety management

SAP-EHS involves the processes that need to be carried out to effectively deal with the management, storage, transportation, and delivery of dangerous goods. However, this solution includes effectively manufacturing and procuring hazardous products.

It deals with waste management 

With the use of SAP-EHS, companies are effectively managing the waste disposal processes that are carried out throughout the operations. It will allow you in the creation of a central process. 

It deals with environment management

SAP-EHS training in Noida also deals with environment management. So, it fulfils legal requirements to manage air and water emissions, calculates emissions while encouraging proactive data transparency, and detects deviations, manage investigations, and track follow-up activities. 

It deals with industrial hygiene and safety

SAP-EHS ensures prioritizing the hygiene and safety of any organization. Plus, it helps the organizations in effectively managing the hazards.

It helps in basic data reporting 

SAP-EHS comprises all of the functions that an enterprise needs to run the other EHS functions smoothly. It will allow you to create a single central point for all EHS components.

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