SAP EWM will bring ease and automation to your warehouse

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SAP EWM Training

Key Highlights

  1. SAP EWM is a SAP-powered software solution which supports the users with accelerated warehouse operations.
  2. SAP EWM reduces labour costs and allows the companies to cater better customer service.
  3. Multisoft Systems allows you to earn SAP-EWM certification within your monthly budget.

SAP-EWM is a SAP-powered software solution which was designed to offer automated support in managing warehouses. It includes SAP Extended Warehouse Management and SAP Material Flow System. This unified software solution supports the users with accelerated warehouse operations. With this solution, you can easily deal with complex logistics processes involved in all types of warehouses. Combines maximum functionality, it enables the professionals with the functions such as goods-in, goods-out, cross-docking, returns processing, replenishment, inventory management, additional logistics services, and multi-customer warehouses. 

It enables the users for immediate visibility

If your company is looking for real-time inventory visibility, SAP-EWM training could be the best solution. Real-time updates will enable your company to get accurate inventory every single time. The shipments are instantly processed as they are scanned into the system using a mobile device. To make the process easier and faster, a company, Blue Harbors is currently developing an application to help the company with real-time updates.

It ensures streamlined movements

SAP-EWM allows you to create a map of your warehouse and helps the employees to move throughout the warehouse. This software solution is designed to assist the company with streamlined movements and error-free warehouse processes.

It allows the companies to cater better customer service

As this software solution has streamlined picking and packing process, SAP-EWM Online training enables the companies in fulfilling the orders quickly and more accurately. If you introduce this, you will be able to deal with the orders with fewer stock outages and a reduced number of missed shipments. Hence, you will get happier customers.

It ensures safe and streamlined work environment in the organization

The concerned solution allows hands-free execution of tasks, reduces accident risks, and ensures streamlined movements. By doing these, it helps the companies in ensuring safer work environment.  

It reduces labour costs 

SAP-EWM is also known for its work efficiency and capacity to reduce labour expenses. Effective management and routing within the warehouse allow you to reduce extra effort that is likely to control your expenses.

Multisoft Systems delivers SAP-EWM certification with SAP certified trainers  

The SAP-EWM certification is ideal for SAP Logistics Professionals, SAP WM/EWM Consultants, SAP WM/EWM Managers, SAP Project Managers, SAP EWM Architects, SAP WM/EWM End Users, SAP WM/EWM Functional Consultants, SAP Implementation & EWM Functional Consultants, Warehouse Supervisors and Managers, and Professionals who are interested in making a flourishing career in SAP. However, the SAP Extended Warehouse Management course will teach you the techniques to differentiate SAP solutions for warehouse management, managing warehouse, processing batches, applying value-added services, performing a physical inventory, applying wave & labour management, applying the stock removal strategies, controlling the material flow system, and outlining the basics of EWM.

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