SAP Lumira has emerged as the Smartest BI System in the world

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Blog Objectives

  • BI tools help the managers in gaining business insights and making better decisions.
  • SAP Lumira is a BI tool that provides real-time analysis to the management, and organizations use it to identify new business opportunities.
  • SAP Lumira helps the companies to explore data with filters and drill-down capabilities; it is designed to provide fingertip access to actionable insights.

Proper data analysis helps organizations grow the business by increasing brand loyalty, predicting future sales, finding new customers, and improving marketing strategies. It is also useful to make better graphic design and digital marketing strategies. Business intelligence tools help managers in gaining business insights and making better decisions. So-called BI tools are blessed with the advanced capabilities to provide current and future business operations insights. The use of BI tools helps the companies to merge all company data from various sources. SAP Lumira is a business intelligence tool that is developed to use as analytic and data visualization software. As SAP BOD410 Training provides insights of real-time analysis to the professionals, organizations recruit them to assess risk and identify new business opportunities.

Why is SAP Lumira considered the Smartest BI System in the world? 

It is blessed with a long-range of features and advanced technical components. This software tool offers Chart Property Editor to help the companies in working with multiple data sets. SAP Lumira designers can blend the data sets and enrich those. It is designed to use the acquired data from discovery as a data source and creates stories on the data-set to visualize for the improvement of business demography. SAP Lumira Designer allows the enterprises to adopt data and use those for making compelling stories. Ideal for organizations that want to access, transform, and visualize data, this intelligent visual tool helps the data professionals to discover data insights without coding skills or additional modeling layer. Businesses of all sizes can implement this SAP-powered tool and share the visualization stories on different platforms.

The key benefits of SAP Lumira Designer

  • It explores and analyzes data online
  • It is ideal for creating stories with BI visualizations from all types of data
  • It is ideal for analyzing data anytime and anywhere for better business insights
  • It helps the companies to explore data with drill-down capabilities and filters
  • It helps the companies in developing interactive and mobile-ready dashboards
  • It is designed to provide fingertip access to the actionable insights
  • It helps the companies to bring down the role of IT departments
  • It has a powerful integration with SAP Cloud Platform and Microsoft Office
  • It is available at market-leading prices and ideal to bring better ROI for any organization

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