Selenium IDE making waves in IT Domain

IT world is introduced to a new powerful tool that brought a new wave of innovation, Selenium IDE.  Observing the market scenario, Selenium testers are in great demand and offered a handsome package for their intellect and expertise. The IT market is also filled with numerous selenium testing course to provide in-depth knowledge about the term and its usage for testing.



A perfect and easy-to-use Firefox plug-in used to develop Selenium test cases. Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is an effective tool for performing two purposes; restricting users from entering invalid commands and helping testers to effortlessly enter commands.

What’s in the Kitty for Us?

Instigated as a Firefox extension, Selenium IDE enables recording, editing, and debugging tests for scripts. It comprises of a context menu that facilitates selection of user interface element from currently displayed page on the browser. Then, selection of Selenium commands along with pre-defined parameters.

With immense opportunities for testers and other IT professionals, many software testing courses are present to inculcate knowledge of web applications. These applications are used, suiting distinct scenarios in various browsers like Firefox Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer and many more.

The selenium testing course offers a thorough understanding of the principles, significance and the components of Selenium. Furthermore, professionals shall get familiar with associated tools like Selenium Remote Control (RC), TestNG and web driver. Undoubtedly, exposure to IDE software will escort professionals to learn tricks to effectively develop test cases.

Noting the increasing trend of testers and robust changes in the technology world makes it essential to be alive with the best live information. It instills the information on database testing, Selenium grid, enhancing reports and Apache Maven.

Demands for Selenium Tester

Any professional with a deep desire to learn about Selenium IE is apt for software learning courses. A fine interest and familiarity with JavaScript, DOM (Document Object Model) and HTML will be appreciated by companies you will be applying. Professionals and fresher planning to switch from manual testing to automated testing shall surely opt for Selenium testing profile.

Eventually, tasting huge success in the professional domain, Selenium IDE and testing profile ensures growth and success in the long run for the professionals and beginners looking for an impactful career.

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