ServiceNow Administrator? Get ready to work with intelligent digital workflows

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Another technology revolution is on the cart as ServiceNow and Google Cloud have joined hands to enable intelligent digital workflows. Now ServiceNow Administrators can work with Google Cloud AI and ML. This company is going to integrate its IT operations management capabilities into Google Cloud, which is obviously great news for the ServiceNow administrators. The professionals will be able to use ServiceNow tools for service mapping and discovery within the Cloud services introduced by Google. The first phase of this partnership is focused on the visibility and exploration of the services. However, the second phase will be offering numerous options for deployment policy and self-service provisioning to the administrators.

Top highlights of this strategic partnership

  1. ServiceNow to integrate Google Cloud AI to provide an automated experience
  2. ServiceNow will power Google Cloud’s AutoML Translation for real-time language translation
  3. This partnership will enable the users in understanding document and speech in better ways
  4. This partnership will improve IT service efficiency by minimizing costs
  5. This partnership will boost employee satisfaction and engagement in the organization
  6. ServiceNow will develop AI and ML capabilities for understanding images
  7. ServiceNow to use Google Cloud digital workflow capabilities

What does ServiceNow management say?

Pablo Stern, Senior Vice President of IT Workflow Products at ServiceNow, said, “Our collaboration with Google Cloud will help customers optimize their investments while leveraging Google Cloud’s global infrastructure. Ultimately, we’re taking a big step forward on our shared goal of helping enterprises navigate digital transformation while simplifying and streamlining the critical work of IT.” He believes that the partnership will help it in becoming a $10 billion company with unlimited numbers of job opportunities.

Pursuing a career as ServiceNow Admin could be a life-changing decision for you

This partnership is already making headlines as it is more likely to increase the job opportunities for the ServiceNow Administrators. ServiceNow was previously known as a career with multi-directional opportunities. On completion of this training, you can work as ServiceNow – SaaS-Lead Administrator, Analyst – Identity & Access Management Technician, ServiceNow Admin Training, ServiceNow Development Administrator, IS Functional Analyst (ServiceNow), ServiceNow IT Operations Management, Enterprise Tools Administrator, ServiceNow Developer, and many more. Besides, the strategic partnership will push the offered salary range.

How to get a ServiceNow Admin training?

Getting training in this domain is easy, but you are advised to be smart in choosing your institute. Finding a certified training house is the key to learning about Certified System Administrator from highly experienced trainers. Experienced trainers prefer to teach updated course modules, and they do that as per industry standards. These trainers are committed to delivering the best learning experiences to the aspirants. A small portion of the certified companies, that is only providing the ServiceNow training classes with the certified trainers, offers the courses without charging much. If you are tricky enough to find any such company, you can multiply your job opportunities just after paying a minimum amount.


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