Simulation Technologies for 3D Experience in Product Design

An Ansys training course will provide you with the requisite skills for creating complete products through simulation process. The benefit of simulation in the design phase is that it ensures accuracy in design and gives the requisite width for minimizing errors through first-hand experience. Especially in the case of new products, it allows product designers and engineers to virtualise large product models before going to production.

Physics Capabilities of Ansys

Ansys explores a vast domain of engineering product design with individual specialisations. Whether it is Fluids, Structures, Semiconductors, Electronics, Platforms, Systems, Embedded software, or multiphysics products, the categories are designed to address niche product requirements.  Further, after tying up with GE’s Predix Industrial internet platform in 2015, the company now offers engineering simulation software application on the cloud platform. Through this, it ties up two major technological functions that mark the second decade of the 21st Century.

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Ansys Training and AutoCAD for Engineers

Pursuing a course in Ansys system at the CAD training centre enables engineers aspiring for a career in product designing and production to have an all-round knowledge of the latest computer technologies. While AutoCAD provides the drawing board for designing, drafting, sketching and animation, Ansys adds a level of sophistication to the design with structural analysis, adding geometric entities and work planes and calculating error estimation. Where AutoCAD chiefly address drawing, design and simulation, Ansys goes a step further with the report generator and capturing lists, data tables, animations for reports and data tables. Both applications are used in sync by the product design and development team to render a complete product prototype.

Career Prospects

Although AutoCAD is chiefly used by architects, civil engineers and mechanical engineers, it has pan-industry application for product design. Ansys is more widely recognised by the engineers’ community since its functions are not limited to design and development alone. Both the software are extensively used by mechanical engineers who work directly on the shop-floor and are involved in product manufacturing.

Simulation in Product Designing

For the past decade, or more, simulation has become an integral part of product design and development due to the realistic presentation of the finished product it gives. With technologies such as 3D printers, the simulation technology is witnessing greater sophistication and presents the real product picture before it goes for manufacturing. Apart from reducing rooms for errors, it also gives scope for improvement, reduces costs and ensures high ROI.  It is a boon for engineers as they do not have to rely completely on their imagination and accuracy of calculation to ensure a perfect finished product.

Cost and Investment

The cost of acquiring certification in Ansys and AutoCAD technologies will appear high in the short term; however, as all fields are now heavily tied up with computer technologies, it is imperative for an Engineering graduate to have relevant certifications in technologies that are currently being used in the industry. Ansys has grown over the years to incorporate new technologies and accommodate the changing IT landscape; however the fundamentals remain the same.

To conclude, an Ansys training course will augment ones skill set and make them ready for the industry and its growing reliance on IT software for operations.


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