Rising Need of SQT Training & Certification for Software Quality Testers or Programmers

SQT 000India is a hub for both talent and quality which has made it a favorable place to test software for companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Wipro, Infosys etc.

It is estimated that global outsourcing testing opportunities are expected to increase in coming years. Hence, employers have very smartly sensed the need to address the emerging space of software quality testing by hiring trained professionals. The companies are making it a point to hire certified software quality testing candidates.

Generally, Software Quality Testing aims at assessing the capabilities of a program or software to ensure that it meets the required results. But the limited understanding of principles of software, professionals find it difficult to cope with software testing. Since the software quality is crucial and widely deployed by testers so SQT training is highly important. Software testing is considered more than debugging it and hence, the level of testing can’t be moderate. There are generally two types of testing deployed by testers or programmers. One is correctness testing and other is reliability testing which is intended for quality assurance, reliability estimation, verification and validation of a software or program.

SQT training & certification has helped professionals to specialize in various types of testing which has boosted the worth of a software tester. ISTQB Training and Certification helps the software testers to get diverse career options and get rid of monotonous testing techniques.  Test Engineers get a chance to work at senior testing positions and even lead the testing teams with greater level of expertise. Also, Test Analysts get wide-ranging opportunities to work at senior analyst level.

Professionals looking to enter Software Quality Testing industry must possess a degree in Computer Science or IT. The degree helps the professionals to build a solid understanding of core concepts of testing a program or software. Professionals can then enroll in SQT training in Noida and become competent as Software testing Engineers to handle complicated projects with complex codes. Professionals with considerable years of experience get promoted to Senior Software Quality Engineers and eventually to Software Quality Testing Manager position with ISTQB Certification Training Noida. The course content of SQT (ISTQB) certification is-

  • Fundamentals of Software Testing
  • Testing throughout the Life Cycle
  • Static Techniques
  • Tool Support for Testing
  • Test Design Techniques

There are numerous Software Quality Testing institutes Noida that can help professionals step up corporate ladder and novice professionals to give their career a great start.

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