Sustainability reporting with Oracle HFM – Step towards enhanced business performance

The web-based global financial consolidation tool, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a single, comprehensive highly-scalable software solution built for analysis and reporting.

Developed around an advanced technology interface, the comprehensive tool for finance professionals offer wide range of benefits, including:

  • Increase in reporting cycles, with reduced close cycle times, resulting in timely output.
  • Drop in compliance costs and reduction in control risks.
  • Execution of strategic analysis, with higher focus on value-added analysis and minimal time for processing.
  • High-end, easy and streamlined integration with other Hyperion products, as well as with existing business infrastructure.
  • Smart View feature allows easy integration with Microsoft products like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • It allows for unlimited dimensionality and complete audit trails.


Sustainability Reporting with Oracle Hyperion Financial Management

Keeping pace with increased demands for tracking the business performance, as well as responding to fiscal responsibilities and social metrics reporting, the Sustainability Reporting feature in Oracle Hyperon Financial Management allows single system based effectual operation. The tool offers a proactive approach towards amassing, merging and reporting social, economic and environmental metrics with enhanced and accurate GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) framework.

Aligning sustainability and financial reporting, along with ensuring auditability and exactitude of quarterly or annual sustainability reports, the GRI-certified starter kit leverages full power of Oracle HFM.  The key features of Oracle HFM sustainability reporting includes:

Collecting and consolidating data from multiple units

The kit has a pre-built chart for task lists and accounts, developed around the GRI framework, which provides efficient integration of data from several sources. It allows quick loading from spreadsheets and through web data entry forms. The data can be entered in any measure, with ease of conversion to any other measure.

Alignment of financial and sustainability reporting

A single system and process enables easy alignment of sustainability and financial reporting. This helps users to extend the information domain capabilities and leverage existing investments, resulting in speedy return on investment.

Auditability & Accuracy of Sustainability Reports

The advanced operative feature of Oracle HFM helps users to leverage the full advantage of process management, along with complete audit trails and security, resulting in effective assemblage and consolidation of reporting metrics.

Improved communication

The kit offers improved relations with important participants, like employees, customers, suppliers and partners. The enhanced transparency results in improved brand image.

In order to leverage the full feature of the Oracle HFM and Sustainability Reporting kit, the users must have developed thorough know-how knowledge of the application with comprehensive Oracle Hyperion financial management training, available with Oracle courses.

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