Take-up R Programming Training and Become a Data Scientist

R programming training is for academicians, PhD scholars, survey researchers, statisticians, business analyst etc. R is a statistical computing and graphics application. It is gaining popularity and is used by data scientists to manipulate and present data. The ready made functions in R help analysts to process large amounts of data.


Top reasons to learn R programming

  • Job statistics and trends suggest that data scientists jobs are going to be very important and highly desired by 2018 and beyond.
  • R is used by organizations to create compelling charts and other presentation deliverables of data.
  • Whether it is an analysis or optimization problem, or for those who are not acquainted with Excel or SQL, R offers easy functionality that is just a few statements away.
  • Leading companies such as Google, Merck, Pfizer, Bank of America, Facebook, and NY Times are using R. So a Base SAS training or training in R is the way to be with the times.
  • R can be deployed and run on all platforms such as Windows, PC, Mac, Linux to name a few.
  • A complex problem need not be solved with a function that is written from scratch. Reusable library of functions solves any complex problem. There are thousands of them that can be utilized in various business areas such as cluster computing, natural language processing, finance, prediction etc.
  • A software application can be equipped with statistical processing capabilities by deploying R and integrating it. This programming technology is compatible with Java, Ruby, C++ and Python.


An R programming training should start off with statistical programming and R environment concepts. It should then progress to basic features, operators, functions, and statistical graphics. The course would have training on simulation and numerical optimization techniques, R object data extraction, and database handling etc. Aspirants can take-up R programming training from a reputed institute to learn these skills and more.

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