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Windows Server 2012 training


20741B: Networking with Windows Server 2016 is for aspirants wishing to start a career in Windows Server 2012. Code-named as Windows Server 8, this version is the successor of Windows Server 2008 R2. This version includes many new features that touch every aspect of the operating system. Administrators wanting to learn how to administer this server technology will learn a lot of new things. There are changes to the way data is stored on disk, protocol changes for data movement from client and server, and more.

The new server OS (operating system) has improved continuous availability, reduced cost of operation, and low management overhead. There are features that commodify functionality, and administrators need not buy third-party software. All of this has made this server OS a compelling upgrade for existing users and a must-buy for new customers.


What does a Windows Server 2012 administrator do?

An administrator will install and configure this server OS, including advanced services. Administrators follow a series of steps when deploying a brand new server. A 6 month industrial training will teach these first-run tasks and more to aspirants. The following is a snapshot of the activities performed by Windows Server 2012 administrators when deploying a system. Given the broad range of activities possible on this Server OS, the following information is indicative of only a part of it, for aspirants to get a hang of things.

Renaming the server – Administrators will rename the server to match their company’s naming convention.

Domain membership – The server is joined into a domain.

Enable remote desktop – Administrators will remotely connect to the server OS. Users are added to this activity.

IP settings – The server’s DHCP IP address is changed to a static IP address.

After Windows Server 2012 training, candidates can seek jobs such as system administrator, computer administrator, network specialist and such associated roles.

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