The Advantages and Career Benefits of Bentley STAAD.Pro v8i Training

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Key Points

  • STAAD.Pro is designed to help the industries by making their analysis and design job easier
  • STAAD Pro saves time as it does not involve any manual calculation
  • Multisoft Systems is a considerable name for Bentley STAAD.Pro v8i Training in Noida

STAAD Pro was developed and marketed by Research Engineers International in 1997, but Bentley Systems acquired this company in 2005. Bentley Systems is an American software development company that is actively engaged in developing and marketing software products for the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure. Designed to help Civil, Mechanical, and Architectural industries by making their analysis and design job easier, this software supports more than 90 international concrete, steel, timber & aluminium design codes. Today you will get to know the advantages and career benefits of Bentley STAAD.Pro v8i Training.

The advantages of using STAAD Pro

  • STAAD Pro shows accurate results in the measurement of Shear Force and Bending Moment.
  • STAAD Pro does not involve any manual calculation; hence, it saves time and increases efficiency.
  • STAAD Pro helps the engineers in improving the structure, section, and dimensions.
  • STAAD Pro offers faster methods of designing the structure.
  • STAAD Pro is ideal for measuring a wide range of loads, such as Live load, Dead Load, Wind Load, Snow Load, Area Load, or Floor Load.
  • STAAD Pro is sophisticated and multi-featured structural designing software; it offers an open architecture – OpenSTAAD.
  • STAAD Pro is featured with the designs that use the US codes, the British codes, Euro codes, Canadian codes, Japanese codes, and nuclear codes.

Bentley STAAD.Pro v8i Training Career Benefits

The STAAD Pro software is used in Bridge Analysis, General Structural Analysis, Concrete Design, Wood Design, Steel Design, and Foundations. So, the trained professionals are demanded in concrete industries, timber industries, steel industries, aluminium industries, cement product (culvert, tunnel, etc.) manufacturing industries, petrochemical plants, and cold-formed steel product manufacturing industries. This course is also ideal for you if you are keen on promoting your job profile or increase your salary in the next job. In this regard, you should know that the corporate training promises at least 25% growth in your salary.

How to get Bentley STAAD.Pro v8i Training in Noida?

Multisoft Systems is a preferable name for you if you are looking forward to pursuing the Bentley STAAD.Pro v8i Training in Noida. It offers up-to-the-dated corporate training courses to the working professionals and passed-out graduates. The STAAD.Pro v8i Training is delivered as per the industry-defined approach with special care and professionalism. This training house is certified by leading technology companies and positioned in a highway-touching location.


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