The Complete SailPoint Identity Now Training Certification Course

What is SailPoint Identity Now?

The fundamentals and key features of SailPoint IIQ are covered in the SailPoint Identity Now Training Certification Course. For IT professionals, software developers, and testers who are interested in becoming SailPoint specialists, its course modules are created by global subject matter experts. Several work choices are available after completing this practical course.

Overview of SailPoint Identity Now Training

In SailPoint Identity Now Training course, you will learn how to implement IdentityNow and administer IdentityNow effectively and efficiently. You will also learn how to maintain IdentityNow in a way that is effective and efficient. The course covers topics such as virtual appliance health, user security settings, creating password policies, and managing password changes. In addition, you will learn how to plan, establish, and administer a certification campaign, as well as how to automate and administer access provisioning and configuration as well as testing access requests. The need of identity management system is in ever-increasing rate and the companies are using SailPoint to reduce the risk factors and boost business growth. With SailPoint identity now training, you will learn what application onboarding and correlation are, how identityIQ architecture works, troubleshooting, debugging, and console are executed. In this course, you will learn how to work with workflows, reports, provisioning brokers, and engines.

Objectives of SailPoint Identity Now Training

  • This training course will help candidates to increase their productivity and improve the success of implementing SailPoint’s identity problems.
  • Candidates will understand the core features of the identityIQ login provisioning stack.
  • Candidates will also understand handling if operation through IIQ console.

Why choose Multisoft Systems for SailPoint Identity Now Training?

One of the industry’s pioneers, Multisoft has been offering top-notch training facilities to applicants for close to 20 years. Aspirants receive support from professionals who are available at all times and are global subject matter experts in order to succeed in their careers. If you sign up for SailPoint Identity Now Training, you will have the opportunity to receive private training as well as corporate training from professionals in the field. They will help you advance your abilities and obtain practical experience through real-world projects and assignments. For Software Developers, Software Testers, and Java Developers who are eager to Kickstart their careers in SailPoint IAM, Multisoft Systems has created this course specifically for them. You will receive a certificate of completion for the Multisoft SailPoint Identity Now Training course, lifetime access to the online learning environment, digital course materials, round-the-clock after-training support, and recorded video sessions in addition to the globally recognized training certificate.


The ideas of application onboarding, as well as the correlation and techniques for carrying out any management strategy that makes use of IdentityIQ internals, are the main topics of this practical course.

It is suitable for software testers, professionals looking to become SailPoint experts, and software developers. You must comprehend SailPoint Identity IQ, be familiar with access management (IAM) tools, and have practical expertise in access management in order to enroll in this SailPoint Identity Now Training course. Multisoft Systems offers SailPoint Identity Now Training, as they have global subject matter experts who will assist candidates in achieving their professional goals and soaring their careers.

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