The necessity of automation testing in organisations

Software testing is essential for releasing it successfully in the market. This testing is carried out in two methods- manual and automation. Engineering graduates or MCAs can make use of the Automation Testing course.

The major difference between automation and manual testing is that the former makes use of more tools. It also helps reduce time in comparison to manual testing. However, every engineer needs to be aware of both processes, as any or both of them may be required in an organisation.

Features of automation testing

A human being does not need to sit in front of a computer for automated tests. Instead, data can be entered by special software tools. Testing through automation requires significant investment in technology, as it is more expensive than the manual method.

Repetitive development cycles require execution of the same test suite. Carrying out this process several times is made easier through automated testing, as the results can be recorded and then replayed as per requirement.


Cases that need automation

High risk cases that are critical to the business must make use of automation. This is because the manual process is laborious, because of which errors can creep in. Every single error can be extremely expensive in this case.

Other than the above, there are many cases which need repeated testing. Again repetition is a manually intensive process, which can be substituted with automation. A human need not stay put at the computer for the completion of this case.

Steps followed during automated testing

The following steps, in order, are undertaken to complete the process of automated testing:

  • Selection of test tools
  • Defining the scope of automation
  • Completion of planning, design and development
  • Execution of the test
  • Maintenance

Common tools used for automation

Here are the most popular tools for this process:

QTP– Quick Test Professional by HP is the top functional testing tool in the market.

Rational Robot- A tool by IBM that can automate regression and configuration tests for the client server, ERP applications and ecommerce.

Selenium- This is an open source web automation tool which works on all web browsers.Though automation testing is more expensive than the manual methods, it still is very valuable to an organisation. Learn more about this through Software Testing Courses.


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