The widespread application of robotics in today’s times

Robotics is all about utilisation of modern technologies such as embedded systems, VLSI and microcontrollers. Robotics training courses at leading institutes teach candidates about the use of such technologies. The main reason behind usage of robotics is to achieve high quality precision in manufacturing industries such as automobiles.

Speaking of automobiles, have you ever visited an automobile manufacturing plant? If yes, you would surely have marvelled at the precise manner in which a robot fits components into a vehicle. The world over, top companies such as BMW and Mercedes make extensive use of robots, which are controlled by trained humans.

Applications of Robotics

Training in robotics is useful for a variety of fields. It is applicable to IT/communication technologies, wireless, mobile and advanced networking. As explained above, even the manufacturing industry makes use of the same. Now you can understand the diverse scope of work that candidates completing a course in robotics can do.


Work on live projects   

Under the guidance of able instructors, students can get themselves in a variety of live projects, giving them experience into the working of the industry. They have the knowledge to help students clear doubts about the concepts of embedded systems and robotics. The innovative projects will involve use of LED Matrix, micro controllers, DC motors, Stepper motors, IR sensors, PWM, DTMF and USART communication.

The goal of a candidate in this training should be to be part of a robotics development team in any organisation. To become part of that team, the candidate is taken through AVR microcontroller and Embedded C programming, as well as the assemblies and the embedded-related fundamentals in robotics. Various interfacing mechanisms, locomotion and constituents of autonomous robots form part of the training.

Who can be part of this course?

The following groups of students and working professionals are ideally suited for this course:

  • Working professionals in embedded systems and similar domains
  • Professionals who wish to enter the field of AVR microcontrollers
  • Students in third and fourth year of BE/BTech in Electronics and Communications

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