Things to be Aware of While Pursuing a Career in Software Testing

Software testing along with quality control holds crucial importance towards improving the quality of an application. Throughout a product life cycle, software testing is implemented during every phase of the development process. This ensures that the application being is of superior quality and gains huge acceptance in the market. When it comes to building a career as a software tester, Manual Testing Training is quite important to develop a deep understanding of the basic concepts of software testing. It is not possible to achieve one hundred percent automation, which is why sound knowledge of manual testing is essential.

Types of Manual Testing

There are various types of manual testing processes that are carried out by software testers to ensure that quality parameters are met with ease. Mentioned below are the various types of manual testing processes:

  • White Box Testing
  • Black Box Training
  • System Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Unit Testing

Required Academic Qualification to Become a Software Tester

Those who wish to develop a career as a software tester should have a degree in B.Tech/Computer Science/BCA/MCA. However, it does not necessarily mean that obtaining one of these degrees is a must for an aspiring professional as other certification courses are also available to fill up the gap.


Skills that can Prove Handy

There are plenty of things that make a good software tester. Few skills that are an indispensible part of almost all software testing engineers have been discussed below:

  • Strong analytical skills are a must to excel as software testing professional. It helps an individual to divide a complex system into various units so as to gain proper understanding and test the application thoroughly.
  • A little of bit passion is necessary in every field of work and it applies to software testing also. Apart from delving deep into the subject, a person should always be in search of innovative ideas to prepare better test plans.
  • Technical skills like experience with different software testing tools such as Loadrunner, QTP, etc. always turn out to be beneficial.

After gaining a decent exposure in manual testing, candidates can aim for automation testing from an Automation Testing Institute to further grow their career.


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