Three areas where Blockchain professionals can rule in 2019

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Nowadays, we are using the internet to share information and asset. We can now buy and sell real estate, transfer the ownership of a car, or transfer financial securities, without involving a third party such as a bank. Blockchain technology, which represents the internet of value, is enabling us to share information and peer-to-peer basis asset exchange more transparently. There are two leading blockchains at this moment – Bitcoin blockchain (it enables us for Bitcoin transactions) and Ethereum blockchain (it allows us to build platforms and run distributed applications).

Critics are creating doubts and asking questions about its delivery capacity and probability. They are claiming that better, faster options are also there available in the market. This technology allows records with a ledger or record of transactions. A blockchain ledger is distributed and decentralized across various computers in a peer-to-peer network. It works in the ledger time-stamped and cryptographically chained with the previous record. Hence, this technology makes transactions unchangeable. However, our area of discussion is not related to the flaws and limitations. Let’s find three areas which are ready to welcome the professionals with blockchain training this year.

Finance industry

If you have pursued the blockchain training from a certified training institute, you are more likely to get a warm welcome by different tracks of the finance sector. Bitcoin is decentralized and cannot be carried without the permission of a centralized system. It can be easily transferred from one point to another without the involvement of any third party. In addition, it is transparent, and a distributed ledger technology is managing transaction records. Browse your preferred web browser to find out the finance industry job profiles available for the blockchain professionals.

E-commerce industry

E-commerce is the other sector where these professionals can rule. Blockchain can legitimize the small and mediuum business ventures into E-commerce websites. The transaction with digital currency is more secure than the credit card transactions. Besides, the distributed ledger can protect consumer rights without making any change.

Gaming industry

Some of the major players of the gaming industry are using this technology in their payment mechanism. Some other companies are using it as a gateway for their in-game purchases. This revolutionary technology is ideal to create personalized accounts, reward transactions, and handle the in-game transactions safely. If you are a part of the gaming industry or related to this, training in blockchain technology will make your job easier. You should also prefer to send some of your senior employees for the concerned training. It will not only enhance their knowledge base, but also boost their morale and trustworthiness towards the company. We suggest for blockchain training in Noida as this city has the upper hand in the corporate training.

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