Tips To Build a Successful Career in Public Cloud or Private Cloud Computing Technologies

Success in the public cloud or private cloud era is about having a set of skills. These skills are not exhaustive. They continue to add-up. While certifications are one way to ingrain these skills, the important aspect to inculcate is the thought process. IT professionals should think like a cloud architect. The enormous potential and growth of cloud computing is creating a wave of demand for skilled professionals. The following are some tips to success in this career stream.


Mastering the language of the cloud

There are many terminologies floating around such as Application Programming Interfaces, Software as a Service systems, Internet of Things. How many people have a strong technical and functional understanding of these technologies? This question is posed in front of cloud computing interviewees. Essentially, all of this and more makes up the language of the cloud. It is important to be aware of emerging technologies. Cloud professionals are required to understand how to implement and integrate feasible new technologies.


While social media and networking are some of the ways to gain information, several cloud providers offer education. Candidates can take up certification exams and be experts at a cloud computing platform. Cloud computing certifications alone won’t help. Knowledge of networking and storage is as essential. Because in the long term, for an aspiring cloud architect, a holistic understanding of the language of the cloud helps.

Employers are more interested in the practical application abilities. More than asking about a specific technology, a prospective employer may want to see how a cloud architect integrates a technology with the existing cloud architecture.

Thinking like a cloud architect

At any point of time, the ability to see the big picture separates a good cloud architect from an ordinary professional. Be it Sales Force cloud, AWS, MS Azure public cloud/private cloud or any technology for that matter, thinking strategically is the key to gain acceptance.


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