Top 10 reasons to learn Android Development

Due to its far-reaching computing development possibility and viable growth in the coming years concerning user base, Android is a hit amongst developers. Appended below are the top 10 reasons to learn Android development:

learn Android Development

  1. High user base: With the pace the mobile app industry is growing concerning the huge and growing user base, indicates the acceptability of this system in coming years.
  2. Multi-fold increase in app development: It is expected that Android mobile apps market will grow enormously in the coming years; thus giving developers a chance to be a part of this massive boom.
  3. No Licensing Fees: Being an open source platform, it can be acquired free to develop an app and deploy its prototype.
  4. Cross-Platform Compatibility: Android platform offers developers chance for developmental research in conjunction with other platforms.
  5. Flexibility: With no developmental restrictions like iOS platform, Android is highly flexible to pursue many developmental possibilities.
  6. High demand for Android developers: Companies are looking to leverage mobile app industry, whilst software firms are turning to mobile app development. This situation has increased the demand for quality Android developers.
  7. Support for Android development: The Android developers have plethora of support at their helm, from Google support system as well as online training providers, to rely on to learn more and influence their market-viability.
  8. Easy Accessibility: A developer can access the Android open source platform from anywhere, anytime through a computing device and internet connection.
  9. High Earning Potential: Whether you develop an android app for a business company, with a software firm, or as a freelancer selling it on Google Store; an inventive production will give you high monetary benefits.
  10. Monetization of free apps: Currently the free apps depend on the hit-driven methods, but in coming years, it is expected that Google will come up with new monetization methods to help developers get higher monetary benefits.

Start , learn Android  Development and explore your creativity and innovation, whilst becoming a highly valuable professional force.

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