Top 15 MCSA Certified Professional – Interview Questions and Answers 2022

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If you are preparing Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) job interview then Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) has done the certification in Microsoft courses and it is the minimum requirement for candidates to apply for the job. So, it will be good for a candidate if we present a set of important questions along with their answers. They can prepare these questions before their exam. Check out seventeen important questions that you are supposed to prepare before your exam!

Question 1: What is Windows Server?

Answer: Window server is a series of server operating systems developed by Microsoft Corporation.

Question 2: What Is Active Directory Recycle Bin and Its Purpose?

Answer: The Active Directory recycle bin is a modified tool that came in Windows 2008. It is very user-friendly and a very helpful tool for restoring or even storing items in the recycle bin.

Question 3: What does IntelliMirror do?

Answer: IntelliMirror helps to reconcile desktop settings, applications, and stored files for users especially for those users who move between workstations or those who work offline

Question 4: How you can set up a remote installation procedure without giving access to the user?

Answer: To do that, you have to go to, gponamea User Configuration a Windows Settings a Remote Installation Services a Choice Options

Question 5: Mention how many types of queries DNS does?

Answer: The types of queries DNS does are Iterative Query and Recursive Query.

Question 6: Explain Rd Gateway?

Answer: The RD gateway is a remote-desktop gateway. If the gateway was the access point to the internet, the remote-desktop gateway allows users from a private network to join it through the RD-gateway, using the remote desktop connection.

Question 7: What information is required when TCP/IP is configured on the Windows Server?

Answer: To configure a TCP/PI client for an IPv4 client, you have to provide the IP address and the subnet mask.

Question 8: Where Is the Location of The Active Directory Database?

Answer: The Active Directory database is stored on domain controllers and is accessible by network applications. All domains can be domain controllers and keep a copy of the Active Directory database in C: windows Ntds. dit.

Question 9: Describe what does it mean to a caching-only server in terms of DNS?

Answer: The caching-only DNS server provides information related to queries based on the data it contains in its DNS cache.

Question 10: Explain Passing Through Discs?

Answer: A pass-through disc is a physical disc used for storing virtual discs and it has a disc format and file system.

Question 11: What Are Synthetic Drivers?

Answer: Synthetic drives are different and better than the emulation ones in their functions. They don’t imitate another program but, create another hardware complex device on a virtual platform.

Question 12: Describe what is LDAP?

Answer: To lookup for the information from the server, e-mail, and another program that follows or uses the internet protocol. This protocol is referred to as LDAP or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Question 13: Explain INODE

Answer: INODE holds the metadata of files; INODE is a pointer to a block on the disk, and it is unique. In simple words, it is a unique number allocated to a file in UNIX-like OS.

Question 14: What Is Direct Access?

Answer: Direct Access enables users to access the websites, applications, and internal network file shares securely without the need to connect to a virtual private network (VPN). An internal network is also called a private network or intranet. Every time a Direct Access-enabled computer connects to the Internet, even if this happens before the user logs on, Direct Access sets up bi-directional connectivity with an internal network. Users do not have to think about connecting to the intranet. The remote computers can be managed outside the office by the IT administrators, even when the computers are not connected to the VPN.

Question 15: What Is DAC?

Answer: Microsoft Dynamic Access Control or DAC is a data governance tool in Windows Server 2012 that allows administrators to control access settings. It uses centralized policies to permit administrators to review who has access to individual files. Files can be classified manually or automatically.

Question 16: Which windows server service is used to install the client OS over the network?

Answer: Windows Deployment Services allows you to install client and server operating systems over the network to any computer with a PXE enabled network interface.

Question 17: Describe Is Windows Server Backup?

Answer: Windows Server Backup is a feature released for Windows 2008 that provides several solutions for backing up the data on your computer in case of a system failure or any other issue. Windows Server Backup can back up a few files to a whole server. The server backup is accessible through command lines and a management console.

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