Top 20 Qliksense Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Define briefly about Qlik sense?

Self-provider records conception utility that enables you to look and determine vast amounts of facts to find out visions of the employer. It uses analytics and Discovery of facts. With Qlik experience, an organization can create elastic, interactive visualizations and make significant decisions.

  1. Provide an explanation for how does a Qlik experience painting?

By intelligently summarizing the enormous amount of complex records by using the use of graph sort of search feel where each Qlik right away updates information. It has rich visible records insights that help in guidelines-based security and governance.

  1. How to connect Qlik Sense with R?

This is the simplest way to use R with Qlik: Enlarging R is the idea behind this, and transfers to a respective folder that Qlik sense is going to read and thus loads the data. Initially, you need to download and install R, later after choosing analysis, mention on the set script, the place to store the results. After this, to always run, you need to refresh your analysis, after creating an .exe file.

Thus code needs to be:”add path to R \R\add R VERSION (num.num)\bin\R.exe”

  • –labour –rahul
  • “add path to tekslatescript\tekslatescript.R”
  • “add path over heretekslatereport\tekslatereport.txt”
  1. A way to manage records inside the app with facts supervisor?

The facts supervisor is coping with and adding facts from numerous assets or from data market of qlik that’s visible in apps too. Whether you brought them to add data or loaded the usage of scripts. Each table is displayed using desk call, statistics subject and supply.

  1. The way to upload new information table?

You can add data table from records manager or through numerous records assets

  • By connections: Select out from information connections which had been earlier described through the user or administrator and folders from in which its miles selected.
  • Join my statistics: Choose from a brand new facts source such ODBC or OLE, connectors, internet documents or information files.
  • Qlikdatamarket: Pick from the general public or normalized industrial databases.
  • Attaching a file: Add report from pc or thru an app


  1. What is Qlik Sense Charts?

Qlik Sense Charts is software as a service offering from Qlik which enables Qlik Sense visualizations to be simply shared on websites and social media. Charts have limited interface and enable users to explore and determine.

  1. Is there any capability to create, edit or increase apps in Qlik feel Cloud?

The ability to create and edit apps is to be had to all customers. Users can add flat file facts and connect to QlikDataMarket. Customers can then create, edit and increase apps they own. Customers can’t augment or edit apps create through various users.

  1. Is records encrypted on Qlik feel Cloud?

Yes, the facts are encrypted on Qlik feel Cloud. Also, the Credentials and statistics are encrypted ‘in flight’ (the usage of SSL).

  1. What are synthetic keys beneath logical tables?

When or extra fields in a facts table are in commonplace this permits the composite key dating. Qlik sense makes it by way of offering synthetic keys routinely. The keys are nameless keys that represent all occurring composite key of the aggregate. However, multiple synthetic keys are regularly related to incorrect facts version but now not always.

  1. What may be performed in Qlik experience Cloud?

Developing apps and sharing the apps the use of cloud.

From this hub we are able to view or invite customers to comply with the apps, reveal them. Additionally, you may generate hyperlinks to percentage the content or visualization in the apps. Whilst logged in, the browser is divided into 3 elements, tab panel, workspace area and toolbar.

  1. Is data encrypted on Qlik Sense Cloud?

Yes, the data is encrypted on Qlik Sense Cloud. Also, the Credentials and data are encrypted ‘in flight’.

  1. What are synthetic keys under logical tables?

When two or more fields in a data table are in common, this enables the composite key relationship. Qlik sense makes it by providing synthetic keys automatically. The keys are anonymous keys that represent all occurring composite key of the combination. However, multiple synthetic keys are often related to wrong data model but not necessarily.

  1. How to handle synthetic keys?

To handle synthetic keys, there are ways to solve this in data load script.

  • Keys that are to be used have to be logically linked to two tables. Fields like “Comment”, “Remark” and “Description” can still pertain in some tables without being linked and thus couldn’t use them as keys.
  • Data like “Date”, “Company” and “Name” can pertain in some tables and can have same values with various (Order Date/Shipping Date, Customer organization/Supplying Organization). In related cases, these cannot be used as keys.
  • Need to note that redundant fields are not being used- as only essential fields connect. If for example, a date when used as key, ensure that it doesn’t load year, month or day_of_month of similar date of more than 1 internal table
  • When essential, from own primary keys, characteristically using string concatenation under a function of AutoNumber script.
  1. What is the DatatypesQlik sense?

Qlik sense has strings, numbers, dates, times and currencies only. They can be done in various ways for calculation purposes. This means the above parameters can be added or subtracted from each other.

  1. How do you publish a sheet?

Publishing a sheet helps for viewing in other users also.

  • Click to view the sheets in the app overview.
  • Right click the sheet you want to publish and select publish.
  • Publish sheet dialog appears and press Publish.
  • The sheets have been published and moved automatically from my sheets to Published by me.
  • Other users of the app will be able to view it in the community section.
  1. What can be done in Qlik sense Cloud?
  • Building apps and sharing the apps using cloud
  • From this hub we can invite users to follow the apps, monitor them. Also, you can generate links to share the visualization in the apps.
  • When logged in, the browser is divided into 3 parts, tab panel, workspace area and toolbar.
  1. For conditional formatting can we use calculations?

Yes we can use calculations for conditionally formatting

  1. Within Qlik sense, can you have a dynamic chart title?

Yes, we can have a dynamic chart title in Qlik sense by entering expressions and variables as titles.

  1. Can you set a number format in the measure?

Yes, it is possible. The measure number format can be changed from the drop down values or it can be changed from a function in the script.

  1. What is the best way for the individuals Or Qlik developers to get acquainted on extensions For Qlik sense?

They are a number of options available for Qlik developers where they can learn from the Qlik community and also we have tons of videos on YouTube.


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