Top 5 enterprise-grade AI platforms that will rule this decade

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The world of artificial intelligence is gradually spreading its wings, and the adoption of machine learning techniques is increasing among enterprises. To cope with this continuously rising demand, many software development companies are coming with technically-upgraded software solutions. Hence, these companies are giving us options to convert our business processes into AI-based processes. Today we are going to discuss the five enterprise-grade AI platform that you need to know if you are working with AI and ML. With Artificial Intelligence Training, you will learn how to work with most of the recent techniques of Machine Learning.


Java-based open-source software tool, H2O is embedded with an ML platform for businesses and developers. It is developed by to enable the companies in analyzing datasets on MacOS, Linux, and Windows OS. This framework helps the professionals to analyse datasets in the cloud and Apache Hadoop file systems.

Apache PredictionIO

PredictionIO is another widely demanded machine learning framework. Developed by Apache, this ML-based framework helps the enterprises in building, evaluating, and deploying engine with machine learning algorithms. The open-source machine learning service is also used in or unifying events from multiple platforms.

Infosys Nia

If you want to automate your redundant business process, Infosys Nia is the best solution for you. It is an artificial intelligence and machine learning software platform that was developed to help the corporate companies in automating the complex business process by restructuring a huge amount of data.


ai-one is another enterprise-grade artificial intelligence framework that has created a buzz across the globe. Artificial Intelligence Training in Noida will deliver you a complete knowledge about this tool. It is a biologically inspired intelligence which was designed and developed to provide document library, APIs for developers, and building agents. With its use, you will be able to turn data into AI and ML structures.

Google ML Kit

Technology giant Google has developed a machine learning tool to enable the mobile developers in building personalised features on iOS and Android phones, and hence, this machine learning beta SDK is going to change the dimension of the AI industry. As its popularity is rapidly growing, it is expected that this enterprise-grade AI platform will rule the decade. You are suggested to learn this if you want to be comfortable with the job roles, such as barcode scanning, face and text recognition, image labelling and more. 

About the Author: Rajib Kar is a technical content developer at Multisoft and loves to write about the recent developments of corporate training. He is carrying seven years of work experience in this domain.



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