Top Android Training Skills and What is the Future for Developers

Retooling one’s skills with professional Android training is critical to success. Prospective app developers often face this impediment. Robust Java and HTML knowledge is important. Those who have a leg-up are those already involved in deep object oriented development. It is easy to transition to user interface designing and applying design patterns from here. But for those unfamiliar with object oriented concepts can always take-up a course and get up to speed.


What are the general skills for an Android developer?

This is a broad question asked by many prospects. A good understanding of the Java programming platform is the foundation. It includes working knowledge of classic Java, knowledge of 3rd party libraries, tools such as Eclipse, basic understanding of XML. Some companies may require knowledge of ergonomics in app design including bitmap drawing. Seeking information from a mobile application training centre on the kind of requirements that companies have will be an eye opener.

Trial and error

Becoming a mobile app developer is not a one day affair. It is about trying, succeeding sometimes, failing sometimes, but endeavouring always. In the end, the percentage of successes is more and the percentage of failures is negligible or operational.

What is the future for Android developers?

This is yet another pressing question for many prospective and talented developers. Now that Android is activated on more than a billion devices, this is reason enough to believe that Android is going to stay. Most handset manufacturers use this mobile operating system. They have a supporting ecosystem revolving around this mobile OS. It is next to impossible for Android to phase out.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, there will be more Android app development requests generated in the coming years. Prospects and current professionals alike must be geared for this gathering storm. For aspirants and even the experienced ones, an Android training on the basics and advanced knowledge areas will do a world of good.


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