Understand the importance of HANA training program

SAP HANA is a platform for examination and applications. It is on a growth path when it comes to distribution in organizations for making sense of their data. Getting the SAP HANA training can empower one to grow in one’s career. Furthermore you can get hands-on experience in working with real world projects so you can advance to the enterprise setup and command gigantic pay rates. It will help the students to create and improve ABAP applications that access data stored in the SAP HANA Database. After the completion of this training program, you will be able to:

  • Understand the specific concepts of SAP HANA
  • Learn to improve awesome ABAP for SAP HANA
  • Describe the use of examination tools for performance optimization (Runtime Analysis, SQL Trace, Code Inspector, SQL Performance Tuning Worklist)
  • Understand the SQL execution precepts of ABAP for this program
  • Access SAP HANA from ABAP using native SQL and ADBC (ABAP Database Connectivity)
  • Use overhauled Open SQL
  • Use Core Data Services in ABAP to portray advanced views
  • Call SAP HANA stored frameworks in ABAP and embed stored procedures in ABAP
  • Consume SAP HANA views in ABAP


Students can avail SAP HANA Training in Noida to understand the concepts of ERP programming, Installation of Sybase components, Design ERP HANA load controller on ERP framework, Trigger Based Replication, Data Provision Options, Interactive Reporting on HANA Training on real time projects. This training program is uniquely designed for programmers and consultants who need to review performance-optimized ABAP code for SAP HANA. The training program covers the following topics:

  • ERP Introduction
  • ERP Architecture
  • Support Package
  • Background Jobs
  • Land Scape
  • Load Balancing
  • Transport Management
  • Transport Organizer
  • Alert Monitoring
  • User Administration
  • User Authorizations
  • Role Administration
  • Client Administration
  • Operation Modes
  • Profiles Parameters
  • Work Process Overview
  • Work Load Analysis
  • Note Assistant


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