Understand the Oracle SOA Certifications to become competent in handling the technology

In recent times, organizations keep looking for solutions to transform complex application integration. The requirements of application integration have changed with time and need quick support for event processing, monitoring of enterprise activities, rules of business, B2B integration. Hence, enterprises require unified development, management, monitoring and runtime interface across all these components.

Oracle SOA Certifications

Oracle SOA Certifications

Oracle SOA helps in transforming complicated application integration into simpler ones by routing and monitoring interactions between services and applications in the organization and in the cloud. It offers a consistent approach with single interface for the current and future integration needs. It lowers the risk, boosts the time to market, reduces the total cost of ownership and enhances the response time.

The suite offers a comprehensive suite of components to secure, manage, and monitor service-oriented architecture (SOA). The components of SOA are-

  • Service Infrastructure
  • Oracle Mediator
  • Oracle Adapters
  • Business Events and Events Delivery Network
  • Oracle Metadata Repository
  • Oracle Business Rules
  • Oracle WSM Policy Manager
  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager
  • Spring Context
  • Human Workflow
  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
  • Oracle User Messaging Service
  • Oracle B2B
  • Oracle Developer
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Service Bus
  • Oracle Complex Event Processing

To deploy and handle Oracle SOA suite efficiently, organizations hire certified and trained candidates. SOA Suite certification keeps candidates updated with latest features of the suite rolled out in the market. It helps them use the concepts learnt in training well to handle Oracle SOA suite 11g. The training is essentially for professionals who have considerable amount of experience in the industry. The course content of Oracle SOA Development certification covers ;

  • Introduction to SOA
  • Learning about different standards in SOA
  • Introduction to SCA or Service Component Architecture
  • Introduction to BPEL process components
  • Insights to Oracle SOA Suite 11g with main features
  • Introduction to Oracle Service Bus
  • Learning about Oracle Governance solution
  • Introduction to Binding components
  • Comprehending to SDO Data Architecture
  • Insights of BPEL concepts with the process features
  • Learning about functionality and features of a Mediator component
  • Discussing about Business Rules
  • Learning about Human Workflow architecture
  • Insights of SOA governance

These modules prepare the candidates to deploy the benefits of Oracle SOA suite in the organizations. Also, the certifications offer professionals career enhancements and a chance to earn six figure salaries. Hence, Oracle certifications provide recognition to the products and strengthen the knowledge and skills of the candidates.

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