Understanding of Linux device drivers course and overview of course training

With the rapid changes in the current technologies and innovation, an individual has to be updated with the recent advancements in IT fields. Mainly designed to teach you how to develop device drivers for Linux systems Linux device drivers course provide you the knowledge of various kinds of device drivers widely used in Linux and also make you understand about the essential modules and methods for developing and correcting Linux drivers. In addition to this, it also guides you to the applicable APIs through both hardware and software interface with the kernel. The info in this course will go with any Linux distribution.

Course objective:

Understand the open source software

  • Easy to develop Linux device drivers
  • Development tools and software
  • Networking Maintenance


Who should do this?

Engineering College Interns (CS/ECE/MCA)

  • Engineering fresher (CS/ECE/EE/MCA)
  • Working Professionals in Implanted domain
  • Any graduates eager to explore in Linux world

Course content:

Linux at System Level

  • The Boot Process
  • File Management Systems
  • Process Management Systems
  • Memory Management Systems
  • Inter Process Communication
  • Linux Device Driver programming
  • Project Assignments

You can join any of the Linux device drivers training in Noida to avail this course and enhance your skills in Linux embedded world. These are designed as per latest industry standards and keeping in mind the highly advanced Linux Device Driver Development course content and program based on the professional obligation of the student which helps them to get appointment in MNC’s. You will learn skills required to deal with the challenges involved in real-world technologies.  The training is provided using the C programming language, hardware design, drivers on Linux, and a PC imitated as an embedded device.

After the course:

Understand Loadable Modules and its Interfaces.

  • Knowledge of architecture for any type of Device Drivers.
  • Able to Add or eliminate LKMs into the Kernel.
  • Implement Device Drivers from scratch.
  • Able to implement Basic Device Drivers during the training from scratch.
  • Understand Advanced Device Drivers during the training from scratch.
  • Able to interpret the data-sheets and implement Device Drivers accordingly.
  • Able to Correct and improve Device Drivers for any devices.

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