Understanding the relevance of Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

Are you new to the revolutionary Microsoft Azure? If yes, then get to know about how this software solves major problems for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups. Cloud-based business process at various companies is handled by this software. To know more about cloud technologies, enrol for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training.

Target audience for this course

All the IT professionals who possess limited knowledge about different kinds of cloud servers and wish to know more about Microsoft Azure can enrol themselves for this course.  Administrators, software developers and database administrators can benefit from the same as well. Windows Server administrators who can evaluate migration of on-premises servers to the cloud can be considered suitable for this training.

Along with website hosting, mobile app back-end services can also be evaluated by IT professionals who make use of Microsoft Azure. Database administrators who wish to use Azure for Microsoft SQL Server databases can also understand fundamentals here.


Skills imparted in training

So what all is taught during the training in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals? Here are some of the tasks that students will be able to complete upon training completion:

  • Managing Azure subscriptions and billing
  • Management of MS Azure through Visual Studio, the MS Azure portal and SQL Server Management Studio
  • Creation and configuring of disks and virtual machines
  • Making the Azure virtual networks and implementation of the same
  • Handling the Azure Active Directory

Essentially the course is all about management of Microsoft Azure features for daily administration of cloud resources. This includes all that is mentioned in the above points. You may also learn about the creation of Microsoft Azure websites.

In the case of a training as technically oriented as this, it is important to receive maximum hands-on instructions and also get time for maximum practice. Only practice can make you familiar with the features and overall environment of MS Azure. The course starts from the beginning, making essential concepts of cloud computing clear in the minds of students. For more details, enrol for Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training in Delhi NCR.

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