Up your skills with Automation & get ready for industry

Are you an IT professional and worried about your job as well as career prospect?  Are you underpaid?  Do you live in fear due to frequent layoffs and job cuts in IT sector?  These are probable questions that strike the minds of many individuals.  The reason behind growing job insecurity among working people is automation technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing and robotics.  According to a research conducted by a renowned HR firm, automation is likely to hit around 3 million jobs globally in next 3-4 years.

The report further states that many job profiles that exist today will become redundant due to automation in the coming decade.  Some jobs in web administration, manual software testing, customer service and accounting will either vanish or require new skills after artificial intelligence.  With the emerging cloud technology, organizations can host or use internet server for data storage, transport and management requiring least work force. The situation is becoming alarming from the human prospective as many employers are fast replacing humans with Artificial Intelligence and robots in their companies. We cannot deny the fact that robotics and artificial intelligence will adversely hit the job scenario both within the country and worldwide in the future.  You can say that automation will usher high economic growth with retrograde employment prospective.


But there is also a ray of hope for professionals as well as job seekers to acquire training and skills in the emerging areas such as robotics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Six Sigma, Big data and machine intelligence as the report suggests. By upgrading skills with the new automation technologies, professionals especially employed in the IT industry can minimize the possibility of job loss and expect high career growth.

Artificial intelligence, cyber security, machine intelligence, cloud computing and accounting intelligence are some areas where large number of jobs are expected to be filled by people with requisite skills or knowledge. So if you are one amongst those working in the profiles that are most likely to be affected due to Artificial Intelligence Training in Noida, it is high time that you brush up your skills in the automation.  In the field of cloud computing new jobs like cloud engineer, cloud architect and in the cyber security segment posts like cyber security executive, information security manager will emerge offering high salary to professionals.  It is also fact that automation is not going to affect all business processes. We can obviously expect radical change in the key sectors in the future.  Therefore, professionals must be ready to adapt themselves in the new technological environment and mitigate the possibility of job uncertainty.  Cloud service providers such as Amazon Web, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, VMware and Salesforce are likely to add millions of skilled workforce for managing growing data loads of the clients.


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