Use of 3D graphics in Java mobile app development

Java mobile app development can be achieved by using software Java ME (Micro Edition). It is a reputed software for app development of all mobile devices. Java ME makes use of scaled down components of Java SE, along with virtual machines and APIs. A newer version of Java ME, J2ME has been revealed for virtual devices, but its technology is still relatively new. Strong development tools can ensure J2ME adoption among wireless application creators.


Cross platform apps are the newest developments to hit the mobile app market. Microsoft has started promoting cross platform apps created through a Java-based approach. In the past, Microsoft has never promoted technology by Java. JUniversal is the product which allows developers to create shared, cross platform code in Java.

In order to understand and practice Java-based mobile app development, one has to learn various concepts.   One of these is 3D graphics, which will be explained in greater detail ahead.

3D graphics in Java

You may have played the games Brothers in Arms by Gameloft Entertainment, Tornado Mania! 3D by Digital Chocolate and Planet Riders 3D by Fishlabs. All these are Java-based 3D games, create using Java ME. Candidates undergoing training in Java 3D graphics would first get to learn about the basics of 3D programming. Further, the fundamentals of 3D graphics can be taught by Mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR 184).

About JSR 184 

Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME, JSR 184 delivers 3D graphics with low level API and high level scene graph API. It is a specification that defines Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME. Through this API, 3D functionality is available in a compact package ideal for mobile devices.

The API has two methods of showing 3D graphics content:

Immediate mode– The API can make applications directly create and manipulate 3D elements.

Retained mode- This is layered on top of the immediate mode. It is a scene graph API that allows entire 3D scenes designed ahead of time to be loaded and displayed.

Mobile phones have grown in functionality over the years. In the future, better 3D graphics will be used to create mobile games. To know more, learn about Java mobile app development.


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