Verilog training course – A perfect gateway to career in VLSI

Electronic systems are modeled on the basis of Verilog, which is a Hardware Description Language (HDL). It is commonly used for the verification, design and implementation of digital logic chips at a Register Transfer Level (RTL). Engineers can become project-ready, enhance design skills and also enhance their productivity by enrolling for a Verilog training course.

Scope for Verilog 

Those who are interested to know more about chips and their functioning can do so by learning Verilog. It helps prepare students for a career in VLSI, or Very Large Scale Integration. Verilog HDL is considered to be a standard hardware description language for creating the designs of digital integrated circuits. Students in the VLSI field have immense scope for growth all over the world.

Participants are taught about Verilog HDL to gain a better understanding of VLSI as well as to attain concepts required in digital designing. They understand how to build logic with the help of sequential and combinational devices. Stress is given towards simulation constructs of Verilog. Trainees also learn about the techniques for using Xilinx and ModelSIM.


Hands-on lab experience

While learning subjects as elaborate as Verilog, theory is not the only mode of study. Students also need to know about the correct uses of tasks and functions, which can only be possible through labs. More than a 100 examples and lab sessions help the student understand Verilog language constructs in a thorough manner. Experienced instructors have to guide the students on the same. They will learn about bidirectional bus interfaces and coding in a RTL State machine.

Target audience for the course

Now that you know about the course, it is time to find out if this is really suitable for your career. The following groups of professionals can enrol for this course:

  • Final year IT and BTech students
  • Professionals who wish to enter the VLSI design field
  • Software engineers already working in various IT firms

As you may have noticed so far, the Verilog course is highly technical in nature. Several concepts have to be known in VLSI. Take it up if keen to enter this field, for which more details can be gathered during Verilog Training in Noida.


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