Vision of JBoss Middleware Administration Training

JBoss operations Network is the JAVA based software which provides the platform for various light-weighted JAVA applications, however conjointly handles giant scale websites.  JBoss EWS is also deployed as a typical enterprise internet server, an easy Java application server, or associate degree enterprise open supply application infrastructure. The JBoss operations Network is free EE-based network management software. Moreover, unlike JBoss Operations Network, JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is a subscription based application platform, used for hosting various JAVA applications and services.

JBoss Middleware Administration Training in Noida offers the course module, which covers the vast array of JBoss operations Network and Enterprise Application Platform; all it has to offer in JBoss Middleware Administration Training:

JBoss Application Administration I: This phase focuses on the intelligence of the administrator; how to expand and manage applications on Enterprise Application platform. The module provides the knowledge about:

  • Installation and successful implementation of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform-6 in both domain mode and standalone mode.
  • Configuration of the data source subsystem as well as the logging subsystem, domain, web Subsystem
  • What is Enterprise Application-6, etc.


JBoss Application Administration II: As JBoss EAP is a division of Red Hat, the module aims to prepare the experienced administrators to plan and manage JBoss EAP-6 in the large-scale manufacturing atmosphere; the course offers:

·         Installation of JBoss EAP-6 , monitor and manage the resources

·         Configuration of the security settings, managing the interfaces and a lot more.

Systems Management with JBoss ON: This is part of training covers a very important aspect, managing and monitoring of the JBoss servers and systems:

Installation of the JBoss ON server, operator and the plugin and to analyze the reports as well

Importing and managing inventories as well as managing the contents, etc.

Monitoring with JBoss ON: The JBoss Middleware Administration Training clears the concept of new administrator to work on JBoss Operations Network server, plugin and agent.

·         Knowledge of installation server, agents and plugins

·         Manage and monitor resources, inventories

·         Analyze JBoss ON reports, etc.


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