VLSI Engineers playing pivotal role in Integrated Circuits getting more and more compact

The technology is condensing, from large systems to smaller ones every day. The credit to this goes entirely to the Integrated Circuits which have brought about miniaturizing of the electronic systems. Packaging of more and more transistors within a single chip has led to an exponential growth in the field of semiconductors. In this age of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), a single chip has more than a 1000 transistors which is an exponential growth when compared to about 10 transistors per chip during the 1960’s.

These Integrated Circuits (ICs) require a programming language for their designing. This provision is fulfilled by VHDL – Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language. It is now a standard language in the industry for digital systems, second being the Verilog.


What the VLSI Designing training institutes in India are providing

Many institutes in India are providing training on this important course. The trained faculty imparts with knowledge on IC fabrication, VHDL, basic circuit concepts and complete view on VLSI engineering. There are even means, where you can benefit from an online training. Engineers from the field of electronics and computers can apply for VLSI Chip Designing Course in Noida for a better understanding on the working principles of the circuits and their automation.
Similarly a VHDL training in Noida will help in learning the programming language and enables writing of efficient and reliable codes. Individual can explore the areas of creating and designing digital circuits and systems. VHDL training classed in Noida involves structural and functional coding methods.

What is the Scope of VLSI?

The fast changing technology industry always has high demand for good analytical and problem solving VLSI trained engineers. The growing demand for electronic products makes this a very lucrative field.

Major employers in this field like Wipro, TCS, Moschip, Infineon, Cadence, Motorola, Intel etc. are looking for VLSI engineers with strong basic fundamentals, sector specific knowledge and knowledge of languages like VHDL. The career field requires being competitive and being abreast with the technological up gradations and a willingness to learn and evolve continuously. Few companies even provide their employees with an in-house VLSI Chip designing training to enable them with new verticals.

The remuneration given to an engineer with VLSI training & certification is high and the salary structure tends to increase with the increase in the skillsets. And with the rapid growth in the area, be rest assured about your growth as well.


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