Is learning Architecture of VMware ESXi Hypervisor essential?

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640px-VMware-schemaNowadays, many professionals are attempting for VMware virtualization certification exam to become Vmware Certified Professional v5 (VCP5). However, unfortunately, not all are able to clear the exam. One of the main possibilities that experts point out turn out to be a major hurdle for them is non-acquaintance with the architecture of VMware virtualization platform, that is, Vsphere. For the same, experts believe that a professional has to be acquainted with the basic building block of VMware virtualization platform called VMware ESXi Hypervisor Architecture. The reason being hypervisor architecture of VMware vSphere® acts as a pivotal cog around which many aspects of the virtual infrastructure Sphere revolves around. To elaborate, the latest version ESXi possess an architecture, which enables better hypervisor management; easy installation and configuration; offers enhanced security;, and efficient management. In other words, ESXi has taken virtualization platform to a new level and hence having an in-depth knowledge about it is crucial for operating Vsphere.

Quick glimpse at distinguishing features of architecture of VMware ESXi Hypervisor

  1. Since ESXi architecture has unfettered VMware virtualization platform from operating system and, thus, has made the virtualization platform very safe. In other words, all the vulnerabilities associated with operating system have been removed as installation takes place in to the vmkernel directly.
  2. ESXi belongs to type 1 hypervisor category
  3. Configuration, deployment and maintenance are easy
  4. Requires fewer patches
  5. No need to necessarily install third-party management agents

Thus it has become utmost important for professionals to understand ESXi architecture thoroughly for scoring well at VMware certification exam. To understand ESXi architecture comprehensively, and other aspects related to the virtualization platform Vsphere, experts recommend VMware training in Noida. Without proper training, it becomes very hard for professionals to learn all by themselves, especially, to cover all aspects related to VSphere.

Multisoft Systems is one of the Vmware training centre in Noida which is aware of al difficulties that professionals face and thus renders a unique kind of training with project assignment which ensures professionals’ knowledge can gain expertise over Vsphere platform and clear VCP 5 certification exam effortlessly.

Highlights of Multisoft’s VMware training program in brief:

  1. Authorized Partner of VMware, allows professionals to follow Official Course Curriculum and get access to Official Course Material.
  2. Focused and intensive  training by VCP (VMware Certified Trainers)
  3. One-to-one training
  4. Coverage of virtualization platform Vsphere in-depth
  5. Assignment of VMware-based project to each participant
  6. Authorized online certification examination center, approved by Pearson VUE, for conducting VMware certification exam through its center.
  7. Placement support by VMware
  8. Licensed VMware software
  9. VMware certification on successfully clearing of online exam
  10. Access to online portal and email support – 24 x 7

To sum up, Multisoft Systems is considered as the best VMware training institute because it has tailored its training program to suit professionals’ time availability and offers intense VMware Virtualization Training, which covers all aspects related to ESXi Hypervisor Architecture and Vsphere.


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