What all you will get from Machine Learning Certification Training program?

Machine Learning Certification Training program is designed to help you master the concept by identifying basic theoretical principles, algorithms and applications of Machine Learning. You will also master the mathematical and heuristic aspects of this course that will help you acquire great intuition of many models. This training program will also help you understand the connections between theory and practice in Machine Learning and help you master topics like Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, advanced techniques like Dimensional Reduction, Support Vector Machines, etc. to prepare you for the role of Machine Learning Engineer. After the completion of this training program, you will be able to:


  • Categorize the types of learning including supervised and unsupervised
  • Understand classification data and models
  • Recognize the various applications of machine learning algorithms
  • Perform supervised learning techniques: linear and logistic regression
  • Choose the best algorithms among many for any given problem
  • Make accurate predictions and powerful analysis
  • Implement different Regression models
  • Create robust Machine Learning models
  • Use unsupervised learning algorithms including deep learning, clustering, and recommendation systems

There is an increasing demand for skilled Machine Learning Engineers across all industries, making this certification program well-suited for participants at the intermediate level of experience. Machine Learning Training is appropriate for the following professionals:

  • Developers aspiring to be a ‘Data Scientist’ or engineers
  • Information Architects who want to gain expertise in Machine Learning algorithms
  • Analytics Managers who are leading a team of analysts
  • Business Analysts who want to understand data science techniques
  • Graduates looking to build a career in Data Science and machine learning
  • Experienced professionals who would like to harness machine learning in their fields to get more insight about customers

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