What are most common interview questions asked to Professional PHP trained candidates?

In International arena, online business have gained momentum during the past decade and is still growing. Creating attractive and modern websites have become a key to sustain in competitive market. According to Web Technology Surveys, Professional PHP is used by 82.2% of the websites as it creates fully-functional and dynamic websites. With this increased usage, PHP trained candidates are in high demand. It is the right time to enroll in PHP Professional Training. Interviews are the first impression created on a candidate and learn how to successfully complete the interview.

Though there are most obvious questions like What is PHP?, What is Object Oriented Language, What is MVC?, here is a list of top questions for Professional PHP Trained candidates.

  • What is the difference between Class and Interface in PHP programming?

Though there are lots of difference, here is one such difference. Using Interface one can define only methods but using Class one can define and declare methods.

  • Brief on the working of PHP session.

The session_start( ) function starts the PHP session and generates a random session ID, which is later stored in a cookie. Later the user can create, save, and recover information related to the session. Explain the answer by giving more examples.


  • What do you mean by PEAR?

PEAR stands for PHP Extension and Application Repository. It is used to extend PHP and render advanced programming for web developers.

  • Using CLI, can you run the interactive PHP shell?

In order to run interactive PHP shell directly using Command Line Interface, one can use the command $ php –a

  • What are the property visibility keywords in PHP programming?

Public, Protected and Private are the three keywords used to define property visibility by prefixing them along with the declaration.

  • What do you mean by Scope Resolution Operator?

Scope Resolution Operator is denoted by “::” and is used to get access or call properties or methods of a class.

There are can be many core programming questions too. Hence have a quick brush on the PHP coding. If you want to develop your PHP knowledge, register to online Web Development Training.


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