What are Oracle training courses and their training overview?

Designed so that applicants can get a certification in the field of Oracle database administration. In this training course you will get the knowledge sufficient to get OCP certificate. The Oracle training course program is design according to the advanced course structure of Oracle University. This course structure includes three modules which are as follows:

SQL: This module includes both basics as well as advanced topics of the SQL statement like Retrieval, Functions, joins, Insertion into the tables, set operators, Updating database objects, Creating, dropping, shortening and altering the database objects.

Workshop1: In this module you will understand about the architectural components of the database, Installation of Oracle database server, creation and relocation of database, Management of the table spaces and other storage units, Management of the case and database startup and shutdown selections and Basic concepts of backup and recovery.


Workshop2: This module is based on RMAN concepts, performance and tuning. In this program you will learn about the RMAN architecture, configuration and environment, concepts of basic and modern topics of the backup and recovery through RMAN. It also covers topics like Scheduling database jobs, activities and resources, SQL tuning, cloning and ASM configuration.

Students can avail Oracle 10g rac training to learn the skills for ORACLE, Exploring the Oracle Database Architecture, Managing the Database Instance, Creating an Oracle Database, Administering User Security, Managing Undo Data, Performing Database Recovery, Database Maintenance, Backup and Recovery Concepts and Oracle Training on real time projects along.

  • Oracle certifications create your competence in Oracle’s widely respected catalog and business technologies.
  • Oracle certified professionals are amongst the highest paid employees in the relevant industry.
  • Earning Oracle certifications proves to bosses that you’re committed to advancing your IT career.
  • Oracle certifications are sought-after badges of reliability in the IT workforce.
  • Oracle certifications differentiate you from co-workers and competing job candidates.
  • Oracle certifications can afford you amplified job security in your current position.
  • Oracle certified professionals get access to online resources such as the OCP Members Only website.
  • Oracle offers dedicated upgrade training, allowing Oracle certified IT pros to easily appraise their credentials to the modern generation of Oracle technologies.

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