What are the top five reasons for networking professionals to get CCNA Routing and Switching certification?

CCNA Routing and Switching is the most powerful and renowned certification required for every networking professional to succeed in networking domain. Aspirants who want to see advancement in their career should take up CCNA Routing and Switching Training. This will help learning fundamentals of networking and also be updated with skills required for the next generation and trendy technologies.

Read further to know the top five reasons that make CCNA certification very important.

  1. Top MNCs consider CCNA certified candidate to be more competent

Cisco is the network leader and has the highest market share in routing and switching domain. Hence top MNCs strongly believe that CCNA certification provided by such a pioneer makes professionals to be competent. The CCNA certified professionals have marked their success in network administrations and hence their organizations have a clear idea about their knowledge in networking standards and protocols.

  1. The certification keeps professionals well-informed about latest technologies

The certifications are formulated in such a way that professionals should keep updating their credentials. This makes them to be rationalized with the latest networking technologies. The validity of CCNA Routing and Switching certification is three years, which can be renewed after that.


  1. Certification widens career options

CCNA Routing and Switching certification has great credibility. When any employer or recruiter notices candidates with this credential, he/she will give more weightage for employing the candidates.

  1. Easy collaboration is made possible

Cisco maintains a community/network for CCNA professionals where each candidate can collaborate with one another sharing knowledge, get support etc.

  1. Increases the pay scale

By gaining such a powerful credential, all the CCNA Routing and Switching certified candidates stand out from the crowd. This is a clear sign of getting a paycheck with a higher pay scale. As years go by, certified candidates will obviously have pay scale revision that will be comparatively more.

Aspirants who are interested in learning the course and get certified, enroll to CCNA Routing and Switching training in Noida.



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