What are the uses of SAP HANA training?

Stay ahead of competition by learning about SAP HANA Training. To undertake this course, it is important to join a reputed training institute. With the help of this training, you will be able to gain in-depth knowledge about HANA architecture, data provisioning, replication and in-memory computing.

During ERP-HANA training, aspirants learn how to build capabilities on the use of advanced modeling and Information Modeler. Creation of reports with Business Objects and Crystal Reports through JDBC/ODBC connections are also taught to aspirants. Deployment of real time applications is possible with adequate training on SAP HANA fundamentals and real-time analytics is provided to the students.


So why learn SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is a globally recognised in-memory platform which is able to run analytics applications faster, data infrastructures simply and business processes in a way faster than other platforms. It meets all the needs for data, and one does not need to maintained siloed data on a separate basis. In short, the advantages of SAP HANA are:

  • Fast database processing
  • Delivering high intelligence through advanced analytical processing
  • Creation of cutting edge applications
  • Integration of different types of data
  • Simplifying the IT environment

If you take a look at the above advantages, it is natural for a company to want to get hold of this platform. With SAP HANA in the company, trained IT professionals will also be a major requirement. So continue to do well during your training program and you will certainly be eligible to get into one of the recognised IT companies.

Topics covered during SAP HANA courses

Upon completion of a SAP HANA course from a reputed institute, students will have inculcated the following skills:

  • Developing an understanding of architecture and data loading into HANA
  • Understanding HANA as a whole
  • Knowledge about In-memory computing and understanding differences between HANA and BWA
  • Getting to know about the look and feel as well as features of In-Memory Computing studio
  • Knowing about HANA User Management and granting of privileges
  • Working on various views of modeling such as analytic, calculation, filter options and currency conversion

To know more, one must enrol for SAP HANA Training in Delhi NCR.


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