What are Universal Skills and Transferable Skills in Corporate Training ?

The benefits of corporate training are making organizations turn to this new-age employee engagement technique. Often, employees change jobs to look for better skill-sets. There is a misconception that staying in one company for long causes skill stagnation. It is not possible to have universal skills that allow a person to work in any type of company. Here’s why.


There is no such thing as universal skills

There are only transferable skills. If someone asked “What are transferable skills?” It is an easy question to answer. But what if someone asked – do you have universal skills? There is no such thing as universal skills. This is because companies work in different domains – related, unrelated, inter-related, and remotely related. Citing an example, a CBAP certified business analyst can work in a chemical manufacturing company, software company, financial institution and so on.

So how does this happen? Putting some humour ahead, let us say that this person did boot camp training in CBAP! To achieve something, something has to be done about it! That being said – the CBAP is a certification that provides transferable skills. Likewise, there are several other certifications that provide the same.

Where to get these skills?

Engaging a full time corporate trainer to teach one skill or multiple skills is either expensive or ineffective or both. So the best bet is to partner with a corporate training solutions provider. It helps not only reduce training costs. There’s another serious benefit. Wondering what it is? Yes, it is getting the latest and greatest technological trainings from domain experts.

Employee engagement is one of the key areas of focus in human capital management. The best HR brains and technology managers would vouch for this fact. Corporate training is an organization lifting investment.


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