What features make Salesforce Service Cloud the best CRM platform for businesses

Widely regarded as a leading CRM tool, Salesforce Service Cloud offers tactical customer interaction platform to all-size businesses, who are looking to incorporate multi-channel customer interaction for a more responsive and faster service deliverance. Engaging with customers in an enhanced manner helps businesses improve their overall productivity and agent collaboration.


What makes Salesforce Service Cloud standout?

Being equipped with highly capable features, the Service Cloud offers utmost capabilities to engage in rich and swift customer interaction. The distinctive features which make it unique and unparalleled are:

  1. Service Console

The Service Console features helps in easily and effectively prioritizing cases with respect to date, source, urgency & product. This helps the manager to efficiently auto assign cases to the team members, which they can further work upon to resolve in a quick manner, resulting in decreased resolution time.

  1. CTI Integration

Aptly suitable for resolving customer service cases, Service Cloud integration with the phone system helps in locating & accessing detailed customer’s info like account, contact and opportunity details. This integration helps in eliminating cases of wrong numbers and ensures that no calls go undocumented.

  1. Social Channel Integration

The most effective and customer-centric interaction happens through social media channels, and Service Cloud offers this capability efficiently. Businesses can manage the customer cases through different social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat and more options. It helps in responding to customers in a quick and customer-favorable manner.

  1. Dashboard & Reporting

The feature rich and interactive dashboard offers all the insights into team working and report metrics right through a single and easy to understand interface. See what customers are closing the most cases? From where are you getting the maximum conversion? What is the customer satisfaction score? And so on.

  1. Knowledge Base

The knowledge base can be easily accessed by the customers, which provides them comprehensive information pertaining to blogs, articles and FAQ’s, intended to help them resolve their issues.

Befitting each and every department within a company, Salesforce Service Cloud is understandably the first choice for industry professionals who opt for cloud computing courses. This platform bridges the gap between the website, call center and social channels, resulting in enhanced and efficient customer relationship management. Professionals working in the CRM department needs to have comprehensive understanding of the concepts and applications of Salesforce, which can be developed with a quality Salesforce Service Cloud training, to leverage the full benefits of Service Cloud features.


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