What is SAP HANA Training?

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SAP HANA is a relational database management system which was developed by SAP SE, a Germany-based software development company. It is used to accomplish a variety of tasks, including text search & analytics, graph data processing, predictive analytics, transform & load capabilities, streaming analytics, and spatial data processing. The parent company developed or acquired many technologies in the early days of its making, and the range includes MaxDB with its in-memory liveCache engine, TREX search engine, and P*TIME.

India is emerging as a hot destination for corporate and industrial training. You will many training companies in its cosmopolitan and metropolitan cities, and these companies will be offering both classroom and online training options for you. SAP HANA training online is good for you if you have limited on time and budget; in the other case, you are suggested to earn classroom training that allows you to learn from highly experienced trainers.

Multisoft Systems is providing two courses as SAP HANA training and SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) Training. SAP HANA training is ideal for the ABAP professionals who wish to enhance their HANA skills, the passed-out graduates who want to build their careers in this technology, and the professionals who are keen in implementing this technology in their respective organizations. It will help you in understanding HANA and its architecture, configuring import server, managing replication server, loading of data into HANA, and working with backup and recovery of data. SAP HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) Training, which is ideal for Application Consultants, Developers, Business Process Architects, System Architects, and SAP Technical Consultants, demands basic knowledge in Cloud Integration. SAP HANA Training in Noida highlights Network Infrastructure, SAP Data Centers, web UI, eclipse platform, configure Integration package, modify prepackaged content, SAP Cloud Adapters, and many more.

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