What is the value and importance of software testing through Selenium

There are several open source communities which offer software and tools. Such communities are ought to change the way business is done in the IT world. Selenium brings one such bright suite of open source tools, one of them being WebDriver. The need for tools like Selenium arose due to the requirement for ones which can automate user steps for tasks.

Selenium has the capability to simulate user actions on any web application. Selenium Training gives you the confidence to work on Selenium IDE, which is a recognised software testing framework that allows software developers to test web applications on various web browsers. In case of any bugs on browsers, the same are ironed out.

Knowing about Selenium and its tools 

As mentioned above, there are many tools associated with Selenium. During this training, participants have to know the basics of Selenium as well as learn about its tools. Names of these tools are TestNG, Web Driver and Selenium Remote Control (RC). They allow the developers to develop the test cases easily. Students learn about the scope of each one of these tools. Training also includes enhancement of reports, the selenium grid, Apache Maven and details on database testing.


In order to grasp this knowledge, there needs to be an appropriate blend between theory and real-time situations. It is the role of experienced instructors at reputed training institutes to provide the balance between the two. Students can take a look at the learning material by accessing an LMS, or Learning Management System.

Scope of Selenium

Selenium is mostly used in the case of manual software testing. So it is of greatest use to the professionals working in manual testing, who now wish to work in automation testing. It is helpful even for those who aspire to work on open source testing tools.

As a software tester, you will find a great scope of work opportunities in IT organisations around the world. IT companies constantly roll out software, for which they require these testers. Their work is critical to the success of these companies. Know more about software testing through Selenium through a Selenium Testing Course in Noida, and understand how you can create a bright career path in this domain.



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