What SAP BASIS Training program is all about

SAP BASIS training is the detailed information about the software, its niche and of course about the job perspectives. The training program focuses on getting a job with a handsome pay and the training module begins with the introduction and basics by providing information about the advance level. SAP BASIS training offers knowledge about:

  • SAP Administration
  • Description of R/3 Systems and Client Management with R/3
  • Architecture of SAP
  • Why to work with SAP server and a lot more
  • CCMS and its configuration

Nowadays, the organizations are looking for the candidates with good intelligence of technical process and have valuable insights of the company’s administrative atmosphere. SAP BASIS training enlightens the candidates looking forward to make their career in SAP application development; moreover, as it is job oriented training, thus, offers the chance to grab various job opportunities with an eye-catching salary Annexure from a renowned organization. The module covers:

  • The fundamentals of SAP BASIS and its architecture
  • Database monitoring and Server profile management
  • Client administration
  • Transport and Change management
  • Spool administration
  • Use of excel in SAP BASIS infrastructure
  • Configuration of the number range
  • Server sizing and monitoring and a lot more

Even though, the module covers all the important information about SAP BASIS, the training sessions needs to provide a lot more than this. The training sessions can only provide theoretical knowledge, but, only the trainers can introduce the candidates with the real time situations which they would have to face while dealing with the projects.Nevertheless, ERP Training Course enlightens the students on all the basic and advance aspects of SAP BASIS along with the assignments based on the live projects and real time scenarios. SAP BASIS training is a stepping stone for the candidates looking for a renowned designation in a well-known organization.


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