Who should you be working as – Freelance or Employed Android app developer

The present time is ideally suitable for anyone looking to become an Android developer, as smartphone segment is evolving day by day, new devices are popping up, the user base has reached multi-millions and is only growing, and new innovations are breaking ground time and again, opening wider scope for developers to explore their creativity and realize their imagination.


How an app developer can start working?

Most of the firms hiring developers require a college degree as the minimum eligibility along with proficiency in app development programming, which can be obtained with a quality mobile app development course. But this field also offers lucrative work opportunities for students who are undergoing their app development course or have just completed their programming study, as the most important thing to progress in this sector is one’s skill-set. These students look for contractors or freelance works, where they get paid on a per – project basis.

Which is best for you – Employed with a firm or working freelance?

Whether working in a full-time position suits you best or freelance work profile is what you should go for depends entirely on the following factors – your career goals, your location, working style preference, financial goals, and so.

  • If you prefer a laid back and relaxed lifestyle and do not want to be constrained in an office environment, and can manage the business side of freelancing, then working on your own is what will suit you best.
  • But if you want to experience the corporate culture and work through short-term project objectives, while being financially secure, then being employed in a freelance firm is your call. In a corporate culture an app developer can learn a lot whilst working in a team, and getting valuable guidance from experienced colleagues.
  • Remember, being freelance looks attractive at the start, but to be a real success in this sphere you need to put in a lot of hard work and have to be highly creative, as there won’t be anyone senior to you to guide you and give inputs.
  • During the initial phase, an employed professional tends to earn more and have a brighter chance of progressing, but through experience, hard work and successful client-side handling skills freelancers can gain a lot in terms of monetary profits.

Employment options for Android developers are endless, and there is no lack of rewarding opportunities for creative and competent professionals who have developed their skills with proficient Android courses, as varied industries are looking to leverage the expanding Android smartphone base for enhancing their client-customer relationship.

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