Why a 6 months Industrial Training in Android is Essential to Enter into Mobile Apps Development

A 6 months industrial training in Android is sacrosanct if one wishes to master the ropes of mobile apps design and development. Mobile phones have become ubiquitous in their presence. Currently, the mobile phone is as important as the wallet. They have become a single source of entertainment, information, and communication.

6 months Industrial Training in Android

Given this premise, there is always a constant need for mobile applications.

Mobile apps training – why is it needed?

There are many aspects of mobile apps design that may require the intervention of certified trainers at a premier institute. The following are those.

  • Choosing the platform. A premier mobile apps training institute can help choose the platform for development. It could be CSS, Java, Flash or Python.
  • Analyzing skill sets. As an Android developer, it is important to understand one’s skills. Whether it is analytical skills or creative skills, both skill sets are needed in creating great ideas for mobile apps.
  • Knowledge on how to create a user interface. Expertise in using user interface toolkits and specific APIs (application programming interfaces) of the Android mobile platform. The user interface is often the most important criteria for users to start using and stay using a mobile app.
  • Programming system and business logic using Java, C++ and HTML.
  • Database management and security.
  • Consumer analysis

Demand for apps

A study by America’s Tech Talent Crunch indicated that the demand for Android developers was 302% on job portals. Freelance sites record an average 4500 mobile application design engineer posting. The number of job listings is expanding at 50% per year. The demand is fueled by not tech companies alone. Even product and service companies want to bring apps to the market.


Given this premise, there is a sea of opportunity for those who wish to tap into this burgeoning Android applications market. A 6 months industrial training is a stepping stone to start the process.

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