Why competent skill development is important for a Pipe Designer

Piping designers design and create piping systems that are majorly used for plumbing, oil & gas pipelines and numerous other industries. These professionals are not only responsible for determining the most innovative and unique layout as per the application, but also take care of the selection of pipe sizes, connections and suitable material to be used for piping. So, a pipe designer must possess an excellent knowledge of fluid dynamics, plumbing and engineering.


If you aspire to become a versatile pipe designer with vast knowledge and competency, it is recommended to pursue a piping designing training course that feeds dynamic abilities in you and helps you to prepare for the industry. It is also essential to have the deep and clear understanding of Plant Design Management System (PDMS) software and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to excel in this domain.

Education & Licensing

Depending on the career goals you have set for yourselves, you can opt for an undergraduate degree in engineering. It is not that essential to have a professional engineer (PE) license in order to get a piping designer job, but a license is always recommended for better prospects.

Technical Skill Enhancement – Vital for Job Competency

While pursing the course, candidates get the opportunity to hone their skills by working in an association with plumbers, sprinkler installers, or construction managers. They learn everything in a piping workshop equipped with advanced systems, equipment and machines. The real time work experience that the candidate gets working with the processional exposes them to building codes and industry standards. They also get a true understanding of blueprint reading and real world piping designs.

Having great knowledge of CAD software, PDMS and 3D modeling programs, help aspirants to improve job prospects in piping design. Working on your manual drawing and sketching ability will also increase the chances of success.

A piping designer aspirant can look for opportunities in construction firms, especially those who want to try their luck in plumbing, sprinkler and mechanical works. The green energy, petroleum, natural gas and waste water treatment are some of major fields where enormous opportunities are waiting for the candidates. Prestigious MNCs and Maha Navratna PSUs in India may also hire piping designers for flawless establishment of new systems and the required modifications to existing piping.


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