Why developers prefer Android app development over Apple development

Not so long ago, iOS was the platform that had all the attention from the developers, with innumerable quantity of apps available on the store. But last few years has seen a seismic change in this trend, with Android app development becoming the major player in the segment.


The main reason for this behavior is because Google does not put any stringent checks on Android app development and distribution, thereby giving more freedom to the developers, which is why Android has become the favorite for developers over iOS and windows. Apart from this fact, there are several other reasons, why developers prefer the Android app development. 5 top reasons stated below:

  1. Market Size

Android devices have become the force in the global smartphone segment, holding about 80% share. This reason alone is reason enough for developers to build android apps and target a wider segment of customers. Even through a free android app, the extensive number of downloads and advertising potential helps the developers to garner huge profits.

  1. Java programming

Android apps are developed using the Java programming language, with which most of the developers are familiar with. This is not possible with iOS, as the developer has to learn the specific language for Apple development. Also, Android apps developed with Java can be easily ported to other systems like Ubuntu, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows 10.

  1. No barrier in development device

Android developer can benefit by developing an Android on a Windows, Mac, or a Linux. Whilst this is not possible with Apple development, as the developer needs to have access to a Mac. This reason is highly favored by freelance developers to opt for Android training.

  1. Apps for all sizes

As the android devices come in varied sizes, the developers have wider range of choices to ideate and target their apps for a large number of customers, across all age group and forms.

  1. Easy deployment on the store

You can deploy an app on the Google Play Store in a few days, with easy update options, whilst Apple Play Store takes weeks for deployment. The registration fee to register on Google Play Store is also very cheap in comparison to Apple Store.

Thus, developers nowadays prefer Android mobile app development training over iOS, to benefit from easy development architecture and wider market potential.


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